Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983


Uh, you also went to school?

Yeah, mhm. Two schools. Cheder and uh, public school.

What was the cheder like?

What was what?

The cheder like?

The cheder? Uh, the cheder was uh, uh, really good for me because uh, when I started school I didn't even understand Polish.


Even though I was born in Poland. So, the cheder because Yiddish, it was good to me. So, I didn't, I had trouble in uh, in public school, but I had very good grades in uh, in cheder.

Were you bar mitzvahed?


Uh-huh. Was that a uh, did you have your whole family there?

At the bar mitzvah? Yes, we did. Uh, uh, my brother is older than I, he had a big bar mitzvah.

Oh, he got the big one.

He had the big one. And I'm, being the second one, and uh, times were tough, imagine or something, uh... We didn't make a big uh, ??? out of this one.


But I had mastered and uh, and stuff like that.

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