Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Holcman - September 14, 1983

Return to Görlitz 2

Uh, you got back from the march and the Hungarian SS then was at the camp supervising.

Hungarian SS, yeah. And uh, used... They must have been bad off too because uh, they were begging us for potatoes. But still they had the gun on, the gun.

How... Did they kill any people or...

No uh, it was at the end. This was, uh...

March or April of 1945.

March or April 1945. So they, uh...

And then what happened?

The Hungarians went to the store, going to work, they went to the store and asking for bread for the, for the prisoners and which they, they ate up themselves.

So, they went in town and got bread and ate it themselves.

Yeah, you go in, you're going by, yeah they were asking for bread and...

So, how did you get food other than the potatoes?

Probably... We get back from uh, when we got back to camp we used to get a soup and a little, a portion of bread in camp, plus the potatoes. Uh, once uh, once the uh, Kapo go, went with us and uh, a dog ran across the street--we were walking middle of the street--and uh, one of the guys caught him and uh, and strangled him and we had a good soup out of it.

Out of the dog.


Yeah. How... You, you... It sounds like you were going into town.

But... We were, we were lived in, we lived in the, in town, we lived in town. The camp was in town.

Oh, the camp was in the town.

In town.


And then there was a hill around it. Uh, two blocks, two blocks. You had beautiful houses. Uh, generals, uh... After, after the war I saw the uh, the buildings two blocks away. Must have been army people there. Big, big uh, houses, six bedrooms, eight-bedroom houses. And uh, one particular house I lived in after the war uh, had a collection of coins, fruit uh, who knows how much money.

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