Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Hirschle - July 21, 2006

Meeting Future Husband

So how did you meet your husband?

Well, my husband had known my family in Breslau and um, when he got to England uh, like so many other people, he'd been given my parents name as if you need some help, these people will help you. So he looked us up-and of course at that time I was a child-then he left for, for the States and then he came back uh, from the States uh, in the army and he was sent to Europe and he was sent to Lon...England, and he looked us up again.

So he-I'm sorry, so he came to America and he joined the US army?

The US army.

And then he came back prior to D-Day.



And was stationed in England. Had been officially-supposed to be sent to the, to Far East, I think, but because he wasn't naturalized yet that was held up. So by the time he was naturalized his unit-he had to go to another unit and he was sent to England. And so he looked us up again, and in the meantime I had grown up.


Okay. So that's how he knew, he knew my family, and so he came back to England with the US army.

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