Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Hirschle - July 21, 2006

Leaving Breslau

When you left Breslau...


...I, I'm assuming then you boarded a train?

Yes, and we went-I remember, we went on a train via the Rhineland because this grandmother, my mother's mother um, had lived in the Rhineland and we visited relatives to say goodbye there and then she took me to England where my parents had already rented a house and uh, it was a very easy transition for me. I, I mean, my grandmother took me and there I was and I loved the house and I, I loved the garden. It was a totally different setting from what I had been used to in Breslau. In Breslau we lived in a, a rather commercial kind of area and here in London we lived in a suburb and there was a garden and I was very happy.

And then your sister came-your sister and your other grandmother.

My father was instrumental in bringing my grandmothers over and my uh, uncle. And he supported them all through the war. And uh, but as I say, one, one brother...

Couldn't make it.

Couldn't succeed.

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