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Anne Hirschle - July 21, 2006


The following is an interview with Mrs. Anne Hirschle on July 21, 2006 at her home in Southfield, Michigan. The interviewer is Jamie Wraight.

Can you tell me your name please, and where you were born?

I was born in Breslau, which is now called Wrocław, in Germany. And uh, when?


Uh, yeah, April 1926. And uh, what else was the question?

Oh, your name.

Oh, uh...

We have it on record, but...

My official name is ??? Anna Hirschle, but I go by Anne Hirschle now.

Anne Hirschle. Okay, can you tell me a little bit about your family when you were growing up in Breslau?

Yeah, I, I was the second daughter. My father was a dentist-a practicing dentist in Breslau-and uh, my mother originally grew up in the Rhineland. And uh, we left Germany when I was ten years old.

So 1936?

Nineteen thirty-six, that's right. And uh, I followed my parents. My parents went first to establish a home and a few months later in 1936 uh, I went to England with my grandmother, and I grew up in England.

So you stayed there.

In London, in London.

In London.

Um, until I got married in 1948 and followed my husband to Michigan.

To Michigan.

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