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Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Having Nightmares

Do you have nightmares?

I used to have.

Can you describe them?

About my sisters, about my father I had them, yeah. Uh, we went out, we were walking from the--and uh, with the--my si...my both sisters what they were married they had four boys and the boy fell down and I was dreaming that the boy fell down and I was dreaming, "Go catch, go--catch him, catch him."

Did the same dream keep happening?

No, I wouldn't say that keep happening. Uh, sometimes you are in the dream. You having...

Have you started describ...discussing your experiences more recently?

Uh, not by, not uh, when we are sitting in the house uh, not when we are alone. Uh, sometimes in the kitchen we are listening to the news and something happens, so I, I, I explain my sons that uh, when they're here so I explain them about this what--how we had it when I was in the, in the woods. Yeah, we--or I wouldn't say that we make a big conversation from this.

Are you more at ease talking to your family about it or a stranger, or friends?

No, I am not uh, same for, for strangers. I come in, in daily to a lot of houses. I never, never mention that I had eight sisters or that eight uh, brothers and sisters or I don't have parent...my parents were--when they are asking, "Are you a new comer?" I--they, they got lost, they are away in the concentr...yeah or I should, I should started to--start to talk I should come in with this story for them. No, I try not to. It bothers me, you know, it bothers me. So I rather don't discuss. If they ask, I, I answer 'em. I don't discuss.

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