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Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982

Meeting Future Wife

Then you met your wife? You already had opened a business?

Uh, no, I didn't have the business when I met my wife. I met my wife--I remember the year, '66 I think. I met my wife when my...

'66? '46.

Forty-six. When my partner left. My time with him here partner, he went--he left to United State.


The same day, when I took him to the--I went with him to the train, I had a date with, with her--with my wife. Through her cousin--I knew her cousin. I saw her uh, maybe for two, three hours. And then I didn't see her for uh, I didn't know where she disappeared. They didn't want to tell me where she disappeared. They said that she went to watch children. When I found it out that she went and she was sick. And in Czechoslovakia, in Slovakia it's ??? where they call 'em and somebody has tuber...tuberculosis. She had, she had some and a spot on her lung. So they sent her there. They said they didn't want to tell me, that they said she went out of town and she is watching very rich people, she's staying there and, and when she had her birthday--I don't know that this is important after this--when she had her birthday uh, her sister invite me I should come to her--she's in uh, Israel...


...my wife's sister. And I went there and I was surprised to see her. And since then we start to go together. And that's what happened. Then in--yeah, that's right--then in uh, '67, just a month ahead, we got married. The 29 of, uh...


In '47, yeah. The 29 of July we got married.

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