Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bernard Hirsch - June 29, 1982


The following is an interview with Bernard Hirsch at 25430 Concourse, Southfield, Michigan on June 29, 1982. The interviewer is Charlene Green.

You understand this interview will be used for educational purposes and public use. Confidentiality on any part is permissible. I will be asking you questions on your pre-war background, your life during the war, your liberation and your attitudes. Do you understand this?


And you're allowing it to be taped?


Thank you. Would you please state your name?

Bernard Hirsch. H-i-r-s-c-h.

And where were you born?

Uh, Petrovce.

What state?

Uh, Czechoslovakia. The, the state was--state, yes--was ???, like uh, for instance here uh, capital is Lansing, you say you are from Detroit. La...the capital from the state is Lansing, no?

Oh okay.

The same where there. The capital was ???.

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