Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Jack Gun - August 27, 1993

Family Pictures

I noticed you had some pictures out here?


Let me see.

Oh this, oh this is, this is from when we were there last year. See? This is--you see the monument there?

This is your son?

No, thats my nephew.


My son couldnt go. Thats my nephew, the one who spoke. And thats...

Thats Anszel?

Thats Anszel. And these are people from my hometown that live in Israel, older people. [pause] This is a man that my brother talked to, uh, a Ukrainian that he went to school with his sister. And this is my niece that lives in Zurich, my brothers daughter. And this is a picture from, from about 1938. My sister is not there and I dont know the reason why. This is my parents and this is my brother and thats me. [pause] And this is my father in 1921, he was 21 years old, he was born 1900. With his father or grandfather Im not sure to be honest with you. And thats a cousin. I have the orig...you see this is made from the original, the original had the date.

Mm-hm. You look like your father.

You think so? My son, I think, looks a lot like my father. And I do--yeah I favor more my father than my mother. My brother favors his--the, the mother more. See there is my son.

Yeah, I know thats...

He favors, I think he favors my father.

Thank you Jack.

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