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Jack Gun - August 27, 1993

Settling in Detroit


And I know in uh, in 1951 my aunt died. So naturally my brother came to the funeral. After the funeral he told uh, my uncle, which actually he was the uncle by marriage. He says look, he says Im gonna take Jack with me back to Detroit now. So my uncle says oh no, he says now you gonna take him to Detroit, he says now Im all alone, I need him. He say now youre gonna take him away? So anyways, so he talked with me, he says well what do you feel, how do you think, what do you think about it, you know. So I told him, I says look, I says I dont know let me try it another year. And I stayed there 'til 1952, one more year. The following summer I decided uh, thats enough. And my uncle remarried right away. He didnt wait long; he was a religious Jew by the way. He used to; I used to go every Shabbos to shul. One of the main reasons was because I didnt have minyan, didnt have enough people, you know. So they needed me and a couple of the--his grandsons. So we all came and as soon as it got to be close to the, to the end when they were saying the ??? he used to motion that its okay, you guys can go, you can go to work. So uh, we used to, you know, work in the store. But anyway uh, in '52 I decided that was long enough. My uncle remarried and, you know, the feeling wasnt the same naturally. My--she was the aunt to begin with.

Yeah. So you decided to come to Detroit?

To come to Detroit.


And my brother lived uh, at the time that was 1952, he was just--when he first got his, got his first apartment he lived on Gladstone between 12th and Woodrow Wilson. And uh, as soon as I came, about two months after I came he moved into a flat on uh, Blaine, Blaine between Lawton and Wildemere. Which uh, was a little bigger and uh, I stayed there with him and went into Central High School.

You went to Central?

Yeah and graduated Central in 1954.

Lot of Jews at Central?

Nothing but.


Nothing but Jews in that time.

Did you and Anszel ever discuss the war years?

Not really, no.

Your parents, your sister, you never talked about them?

Uh, I mean, there was certain times that we mentioned naturally about the loss of the parents and the sister and all that. But I dont think we ever discussed what happened or what we went through, or--not the early years, anyway.

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