Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Jack Gun - August 12, 1999


We left off, I think, in Vienna.

Vienna. We arrived to Vienna. They put us into a, a Rothschild's Hospital complex. Uh, we were not there too long. A few weeks. And from there they were uh, sort of sending people to different places. Some to Austria, some to Germany, some to Italy. Uh, we somehow wound up going to Austria. Uh, well, Vienna's actually Austria. We wound up going to Linz. And in Linz there was a big DP camp called Bindermichel. And that's where they put us. And this was approximately, let's say October of '45.

Okay, the, the, the DP camp was an American DP camp?

American DP camp.

But you're being sent by the Beriha?

Uh, there, I believe. I really don't know who. The Beriha's uh, job was to get us out of Poland.


And from there I think it was operated by the UNRRA.

United Nations Relief.


Okay. Not the Joint?

Uh, could be. I'm not sure. Maybe both.

Okay. Probably both.

Probably both.

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