Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Jack Gun - August 12, 1999

Liberated by Russians

What was the day, do you remember? March what?

Don't know. It was in March, probably towards the end of March of '44. Uh, we were so close to the Russian border. But, you know, the front was going on in that area. And the Russians came in. We went--left Primas and went back to our house.

Did the Russians take you or did you go on your own?

I think they took us. When...

How did they treat you?

Very nice. Very sympathetic, very nice.

So they took you back home to where...

Rozhishche, which wasn't far.

What did you find there?

Empty house.

What did you think you would find?

We were hoping to find somebody else alive. You know, we were hoping. We never saw with our own eyes our parents and our families getting killed. And when there is life there is hope. So we were hoping maybe somebody else survived. Maybe my father ran away. Maybe my mother, maybe my sister, maybe my uncle, maybe my aunt.

But nothing.

Nobody. Found a empty house. My brother went up to the attic, he found pictures that were not disturbed. In fact, some of the pictures that I have. Found addresses of relatives in the States. And uh, we were there, I don't know how long. And a lot of the other Jews that came out of the woods came into our house, because our house was pretty big and pretty nice for those days, even though it sti...still didn't have any indoor plumbing. But it was quite a nice house for those days in Rozhishche. And the other houses were more dilapidated, some were bombed. This wasn't, uh...

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