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Jack Gun - August 12, 1999

Hiding in Forest

Big forest is--a forest in the United States is sort of something you can drive by on, on the highway and you can sort of see through it.

Yes, but the... you couldn't see through that. That was very, very thick, very deep, very long. It went for miles and miles.

Did it have a name?

It did have a name, but I don't recall exactly the name.

Neither do I. vI should have asked my brother. I'm s...he does know the name.

So you entered the forest with the help of Mr. Yerushka.


Um, you were going to count on him for food?


And you were going to be hiding in the forest.

And counted on his advice actually. He was like our advisor. Because, look, my brother was also uh, he was eighteen.

Now, while you were in the fields or in the forest, did you--w...w...was there any illness? Did you ever feel sick? Ge...get...

A lot of time, my brother tells me, well, I probably did too. We were sick of life probably. My, my brother told me that many days he was hoping that he goes to sleep and don't wake up [pause] because he didn't know what, what to look forward to. How long this was going on. How long this was going to go on.

Do you think you might have felt this way too...

I think so.

...at seven or eight?

I probably did, without realizing it.

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