Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993


Did you think of anything in the past that was simultaneously painful and, and...

Yeah, it was painful that uh, there was, that my parents weren't at that occasion to see what eh, that, that we ??? to see what, what I had, went through and, and eh, have ch...family and children, grandchildren.

Anything you want to say, add to the, add to the tape that maybe you haven't said yet?

Anything to say, I?

Why, why well I'm interested in why you think it's important to...


...important to talk about this.

Eh, important to talk about it because at that age where we are it's a lot of our people dying out. If we won't leave any witnesses, I mean like this taping or telling the story, they'll--that's going to be finishing. They'll, no...nobody in the world will know about it. But we have to bring it out what we went through that people will learn. But I guess people don't learn at all. Still going on wars and wars and killing. But that's only thing what we can do is just bring back, leave the memories what we went through. Otherwise we'll be wiped completely off. Least there will--there's a hope that education will give some of the people realize what could happen when you hate people, when you destroy people, like killing wars. But, that's what we hope, that, that people will learn something out of it.

Okay. Thank you very much.

Thank you.

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