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Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993


I know. I know. [pause] Tell me about your grandchildren.

My grandchildren, I think this is, this is the best thing in life to have grandchildren. My daughter has two, two children. Boy who eh, Jake, after--he was named after my brother Yakov.


And Marcy and uh, and, and my granddaughter Sara.

Who's she named after?

I think she named uh, after my wife's ??? family. And they're wonderful kids. Uh, just not long ago I called--he's now about two and a half years old and I called him from here. He said, "Papa," called me Papa, "come home." There something got me. It's terrible that my daughter settled in Philadelphia. You know, they were in, in Washington first after they got married and then Philadelphia. And we are so distance. And Larry, he was in New York working for a company, they sent to London, it's farther out. So it--especially now when you're, when you're retired, so much time. I would like to live closer eventually. Because when I, when I go there visit them it, they, they give my--like life giving to you. And very smart and my and my Sa...in dau...Sara, granddaughter, is playing violin, picking up a modest profession. We just got a call now. There was uh, they're in, in the mountains in Vermont , skiing. And she, she's five, five ye...five and a half years old. She skis unbelievable already--five years.

Who, who is Marcy named after?

Marcy was named after Mir...my mother.


Miriam Lima.




Benita, she's got uh, Marcy Benita, second name. Benita. Benita is Vlema, from my, my mother's was Vlema. So that Benita, in English they use the "B"--Benita.

And Larry, who is he...

And Mar...and Larry is my, my father name. My father's Lazer, so my, my son is Larry's name, like my father, Larry. Larry's eh, Larry's was--been to school, he went to college. He went to Columbia. He's quite eh, he's quite a genius.

What does he do?

It--he works for, he joined a company with my son...in...law's, with eh, is working with a company for ??? and his friend, college friend, call, eh. They're dealing--you know, metal and, and oil, it's called, it's not eh, the name.

This is your son's...


Oh. This is your son-in-law.

Son-in-law, yeah. And he joined...

And his name is, what is his name?

Joel. Joel Greenberg. I want to tell you something about my son-in-law too.

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