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Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993


And two children.

We had two children. Larry, my son and Marcy, my daughter. And uh, we give--tried to give them best education.

Now who--which is older?

Eh, Marcy's older. Two and half years older.

Okay, when Marcy was born, what went through your mind when she was born?

Was born--she was in, born in December, it was very winter, it was eh, it was snow outside and I took off the day from work. It was a wonderful feeling that I get that we have a daughter. It was, that--nobody could think that we could be alive and, and make a family. Thi...this is, it's just like a dream. We never, we never thought it's going to come true. But it came true and we had a family, starting a family where my daughter was first child born. And after two and a half years, we had, we had a son, Larry. And they're two wonderful children.

Same feelings with Larry, I'm sure...


...when he was born.

Larry was special, another thing a boy! It was a bris, you know.

And, and at the bris. W...w...um, you had a bris. Were there a lot of friends?

A lot of, yeah.


Relatives. My wife has got a big family you know eh, a lot of, you know, survived by hiding in Czechoslovakia. But eh, my family's mostly the brother and the cousins, you know.

And did--when you came here did you make friends with, with mainly survivors?

Yeah, I make close friends with uh, Louis Kane, he was a close friend.

And others?

And Louis Kane got married I was the best man at his wedding. So we would, yeah, we get--made some friends.

So at your wedding and at the bris and uh, were there lots of survivors?

Yeah, a lot of survivors. That's the only thing you can--you could invite people, is the survivors and.

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