Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Reunited with Brother

So there was another, another reunion with your brother.

Yeah, Mm-hm. And uh, I was just, nice--sometimes like raincoat that and they thought and my aunt, the family thought I coming down, who knows who was coming down from Europe. Of course being German after war, you knew it, said life was, was starting to get normalized so and we came down and in Detroit. It was a reunion but then what happened--we saw my family, it was uh, my family, my mother's family, my mother's brothers, yeah and uncles were here and they all talking, talking. Telling the whole story. And it's, it, it was terrible, telling the, whole thing what we went through.

Did they want to hear it?

Yea...some, they want to hear, but eh, ah, it's a lot of things. It's hard to talk about, the family wasn't.

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