Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Life in Landsberg

What did you do that one year in Landsberg? Uh, you went to school...

I went to school.

...got an education.

Electronics, you know.

Uh, but you were all alone.

Yeah, I was alone. And then I was sent uh, went to a different camp though. I was in Essling in Stuttgart. That was a, that was a, like a rehabilitation called center and I learned radio electronics. And then I--we--sent to Passau, around border with Austria. Went there, a year there. All electronics, working there.

Was this through the Army?

Eh, no, this was ORT school.


Yeah, ORT. Those are the--those were the school that, that supplied everything for education for electronics. And we had uh, I mean the engineers was Germans. They told kinda stories, how during the war how they were told they win the war they're gonna, everyone's gonna have villages and living like kings.

Did you exchange stories with them?

Yeah, we exchanged.

Did you tell them where you were?

Ah, they knew exactly.

They did.

They did.

You didn't make friends with them? Or did you make.

Not eh, just speaking to them, but not

You were with other Jews. Were you with other Jews?

Yeah. There were other boys.

Uh, so you had friends there.

Yeah, Mm-hm.

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