Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Transferred to Monowitz (Buna)

Same uniform.

...uniforms. A night before that, I don't know how we got that--there's Buna. Buna was Auschwitz too, but Buna was a big factory, I.G. Farben and we and there's a factory. I forget something we heard about forty trucks of load of people from Buna came to Birkenau. I don't know how--it must have--that news must have come from somebody from the, from the crematorium. They were saying they came from Buna to Birkenau, forty trucks loaded with, with the Jewish people from the, from Buna camp to Birkenau to be gassed. Probably--I assume they couldn't work anymore. They couldn't use them for work anymore. So that's got me into my mind that they needed people to replace those forty, that's why the selection of us. They selected us to go to Buna. And after we marched from Birkenau to Buna it was about ei...eight kilometer, from one camp. But if something was to get out of Birkenau, their crematoriums, was something. I don't know, it was, anyway it wasn't working a long time to get out again but something to get away from it. Cause I, I was picked to go to work. And I was sent to, went to Buna, came to Buna in Buna was my brother, what was left, remember I told you in, in Ostrowiec he was separated?

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