Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joseph Gringlas - January 14 & 22, March 18, 1993

Transferred to Blizyn

A roll call.

Yeah, roll call and then we came out outside of and eh, it was SS, it was already cold, wintertime I remember and eh and then we had to stay in a line. And I don't know before that I, they ask uh, who wants--who knows about shoe making. There were asking who and I don't know, I thought maybe instead of working hard at Hochofen maybe I can get something to work with shoes, I'll be--it's be easier for me. So I registered as a machi...at work, I can work on shoes. So they uh, at the Appell they called me out and other people, I don't know what other, they didn't and they send us away to Blizyn. ??? with my brother, I was separated from my brother. It was terrible because I, at least I had my brother there with me. I lost him too. And I was sent to Blizyn. At the time of the Appell, but they, by that separation, sending u...us away, sending me and other group away from, from Ostrowsa. It was suddenly, we were staying in Appell suddenly I saw a child coming out. The Jewish uh, must have been two years. I don't know where or when it came up from the homes and while and then one of the SS eh, took out a gun and there was something on the side a little bit like, there was some like uh, like trash on the hill. So he called the child to get on the hill on the trash and took out the gun--we saw--everybody was standing seeing that, kill it right on the place. It must have been, just walking, the child was about two years old. It was terrible for me to see that. So we knew that's going on, we--you know, but this it stays in memory forever.

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