Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Working in Hospital

So you were working in...

In the same hospital.

Same hospital, which was in...

In S...Soya...Swalova. That's small city, close to Munkacs. Not close but, the same area. I continued to working. You know, I had the backing of my, my chief doctor, he liked me, he was a Ukrainian and I had the backing of my friend who made the arrangement with the judge. Oh, that was, you know. And, and I give him, I give him approximately my salary--one month salary, which was very low but there was one salary. ??? he took it, there was no problem.

And the same thing happened with your brother.

With the brother a little bit differently. Uh, with the brother, year later uh, they wanted, they sent him to the--also to--close to Siberia, a different place. But for some uh, he managed to escape, he didn't, he wasn't sued. He was working in a very remote village in the mountains, terrible place. He was working for awhile you know, terrible place. He, the village, they, they didn't want, no doctor was there in the whole area.

Near Munkacs?

No, not near Munkacs, but in Transcarpathia, in the Carpathian mountains.


Very remote uh, pla...I'd never been there. There is no you know--jungles, you know. So he was working there and somehow he escaped. Uh, they called and they called him and they threaten him, but for some reason he escaped, so. And then later on he came back to Munkacs working after two or three years. But he worked, worked in remote area.

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