Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Assignment as Doctor

...nothing happened. Then I told them, listen, I was studying for five years. I was practically an eminent student. You know, all that, you called, all five, five is the A, was in Russia. And they knew that, they knew that. Matter of fact, partially me and my brother we had very little problems with, with the administration and with the o...fellow students because you know, they respected us.

Because of your grades.

Right. They respected us. And we helpful for the fellow students. We had very good relation with the fellow students and with administration. No--the admini...I mean, not the administration, but our teachers, the professors. They, they didn't care about much you know, because they, they were doctors, they were professionals. But when they came into uh, giving assignment to work, the professors didn't have the word.


The, the, the Party had a, you know. And that's a different story.

So where were you sent?

Uh, sent?


It's uh, it's, it's called Station ??? that's the name. That's on Amur, Amur river. Amur, you know Amur River. Amur River. Close in, in, in Far East. Far East.

You did go to the Far East?

I didn't go, I didn't go. No, that's a different story.

What's the story, I mean how could, how did you...?

Because you know, I tell you. Because I knew that uh, I might die and I had to work there at least three years. And there was nothing there. So I decided--I go-- rather go to jail. Uh, jail is better you know, somewhere close to jail and spend a year or two years in jail and being--I hope that in a jail they need doctors anyhow, so I can work in a jail.

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