Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Allach II

So in, in April, March and April you noticed an influx of more Hungarian Jews.

A lot. Not from Hungarian, different Jews.

Different, from all...

All over. I don't--we don't know if they came. They were very poor condition. A lot of dead o...on arrival. Among them, as later I found out, later. One of my uncle and uh, uncle was among them who died, who died there. He came already dead. Somebody told me, in Ala...in Allach.

And he died in Allach.

Yeah, in Allach.

Or arrived.

I didn't, I didn't know, I didn't see him, but. Uh, his son survived with him and they came to Allach. His son is here in America, he died a couple of years ago. So his son, that's my cousin, with his father, they arrived from other camp to Allach. And the father died dur...on the road or even in, or in Allach. But he--they stayed in Allach, they were liberated in Allach. And when I came here, we discussed here with, with uh, Alexander, with this--my cousin here. And he told, it was amazing. They came into Allach from some other place.

And your aunt also, you said, a different aunt.

Different. From other side, yeah.

All right, so at Allach the Americans have now come at Allach. Although you were on a train you said when you were liberated.

Yeah, but not in Allach, the--far away somewhere in the mountain.

So did you come back to Allach?

No, I told you. They took us to the some place, some kind of work, workers camp or something.

Somewhere in Southern Germany.

Yeah, somewhere in uh, mountain place somewhere. And we stayed there several weeks and then as Czechs we, we were taken--the Hungarians stayed there for as I, for a longer time. But, or, or they took Polish uh, Czech, they took, because they are all allies. Czech, Czechoslovakian, Poland. So they took the Polish Jews and Czech Jews and some other. French Jews they took uh, very quickly. We stayed there a couple of weeks.

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