Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Conditions in Dachau

Your father was one?

Not, not at that time. He was later. And they put us in the barracks and they gave us water, they gave us some food. But they didn't bother us. Nice weather, we had a rest. So we, we, we gained some, some strength there. And in the barracks we were there for sever...uh, several weeks. But then almost everyday uh, the SS came and, and they selected those who seemingly able to work and they took to different uh, camps uh, satellite camps uh, around. So everyday--almost everyday they took certain amount of people from the barracks. But at that time they didn't bother us. They didn't give us, us much food, but was enough water. Nice weather. And we were resting. So we were recuperating. Not everybody, because among them my father uh, during the long walk uh, he got an abscess uh, some kind of abscess I guess in, in the foot and it was swollen with pus. So they took him to the Revier--to the hospital. That was a couple of weeks after we were there. End of August sometime.

Did you know what the Revier was? I mean, had anyone, had anyone ever, come back from the Revier?

Not at that time, but uh, we, we, we didn't know much about it because we di...we were, we were staying there all the time in the barrack, that's all. We didn't communicate uh, uh, practically with anybody. So--and two or three days after uh, my father was taken to the Revier, they came and they regarded us with my brother healthy enough to work and they took us to Allach.

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