Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001



Did you heard about that? That is between uh, Munich and Dachau. Close to Munich. In Dachau there was two big camps. One was for mostly Jews. And it was under Wehrmacht to our--we didn't see too many SS. Some SS were there. The next camp was a big camp, much bigger, they're mostly Gentiles. Uh, there were Russians and Polish and French and all that.

This is...

They were treated worse at that, beginning, than we were. At the beginning. So we were taken uh, later on the SS took over the whole thing and we went to the same, uh.

The SS took over.

Yeah, the same--but uh, the treatment, no, the treatment was harsh of course, but they would give us more food here. The problem was they, we were newcomers there and they took us to the most, the heavy job, to the BMW. Bayerische Motorwerke, BMW factories. That's why I never buy a BMW car. And that was terrible job. People, they were dying. They, they, the food was relatively better than ??? but we couldn't endure the, the heavy job. With cement we have to carry and all these other thing.

And what was the name of the camp?



Allach. And uh, so people were dying, were dying. Several weeks, two, three, four weeks, they couldn't endure. [interruption in interview] Date: January 8, 2001

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