Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001


How large was your family?

Pardon me?

How large was your family?

Uh, I--mother, father and I have a younger brother.

Any extended family, would you...

It's a lot, you know. My mother uh, my mother had uh, seven brothers and sisters, only, two, three children. My father had three brothers and sisters with, with children. Very much so. Uh, going ahead uh, most of them, they, they perished.

How large would you say it was, how many people?

The extended family with, with uncles, aunts and, and...


...and cousins, I might say up to thirty people.

And most, most perished.

Most perished.

Do you know how many survived?

Of the...if you had told me I could have ca...calculated. I think that it is uh, ??? seven or eight. So.

And of your immediate family, how many survived?

Immediate family, I was fortunate. My father survived and my brother survived. We were all three together practically all the time. One time we were separated during the camp if you later, you will ask me questions I'll tell you. But we survived. And uh, my bro...my brother who was, matter of--I was at that time fourteen, in 1944. My brother was born in, in 1931. So he was thirteen--even less. Uh, that's an interesting story if you, if you're going to ask me questions I'll explain to you.

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