Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Emerich Grinbaum - October 3, 2000 & January 8, 2001

Impressions of Birkenau

Do you remember any impressions of, of this place? S...suddenly you're-- you find yourself on a platform. What do you remember seeing?

I don't know. That was a nightmare and we were tired and we were hungry, we were thirsty. We were hardly could stand on a life and they put in a line to go and we're long line you know, many thousand people you know, and until it stopped. Uh, really we didn't have to, to time, time and to uh, even to think.

Do you remember the chimneys?


You didn't see the chimneys.

We didn't see the chimneys because...


Not much, no. You know why? Because daytime, daytime uh, we didn't smell any smoke. Night time people who got out they saw the, the, the uh, but in our barrack we were, we were--didn't let us go out uh, during the night. They had some places to urinate and all the, the other stuff. But we didn't get out. And there was the blocks, the, the barracks were closed.

Before we go, do you want to--there were latrines then.

Pardon me?

There were latrines? Baden?

Latrines, latrines in the, in the barracks, right.

But, in the barracks?

In the barracks.

What was that like?

Big latrines. Not, they are not latrines. In uh, daytime we could uh, we could get out to the latrines. In the barracks they were not latrines. They put some big, uh.

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