Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Erna Blitzer Gorman - April 26, 1984

Death of Mother

Then we came um, then the war sort of quieted down. It, it was away, further, I mean. There weren't as many people around us anymore. Maybe people went to their different places, different ci... I don't know, but I don't see too many people anymore around us. But we were still with the Russians. But anyhow, when there was a... Then there was one raid, that's when it happened, that's right. Then there was an airplane raid or something. Um, okay so we were, we were on the road and, I don't know, there was confusion. But right then um, right after that um, my mother was taken away, um.... See I always thought, I see blood and I, I cannot associated blood with anything. And I always thought that my mother was hit then. Whether it was by a gunshot or by shrapnel or of a bomb, I don't know. But I... That was always there. But my sister this last--after I made the tape--when I talked to my sister she, she said she was not hit. But right then, they took my mother to, whether it was a hospital or a um, or, or a infirmary, I don't know. But um, then my father stayed with her and, and the truck took us back to the camp, wherever we were. And I don't know how many days went by, whether it was days or whether it was a week, I don't, I don't know. And she, she seemed to be, I, I thought she was doing okay, but then my father came and took us there to see, she was on a bed, she was dying.

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