Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nancy Fordonski - May 29, 1982

Thoughts on Survival

It's true. Why do you think you survived?

I think that somebody had to survive to bring other generations. I won't say that I was better than my younger sister or older sister or better than my brother. But somehow I was picked or chosen, I don't know for where. Maybe, because like I said, I had such great parents and they were so uh, how you say, righteous people. So maybe it was in their ???. Maybe because of them--somebody, a few kids were left from our family that we can bring other generations. Because thank God, so far our kids are following the footsteps then for long years, are following the footsteps my parents. I--like I said, I still have a kosher house and I'm still uh, trying in many ways and I am like a Jew is supposed to be. But if uh, my son uh, still go, if they went to the yeshiva, my daughter finished the yeshiva and uh, eh, my son-in-law is learning and my grandchildren are going now to the yeshiva and the little one is wearing a yarmulke. And the two years says to the four year, "Avrami, if you don't have the yarmulke, you are a shegetz." So uh, maybe it wasn't just uh, I was just left to do my, my part, my share. And by the same token, thank God, we have joy from them, we have happiness, we have nachos. And we hope it will continue. We hope uh, that in some ways I can say that everything is just the way we would like it should be. It's still not because there's still plenty--many things and, that I wish that I could see or improvement or better or whatever. But we still hope and pray…

You do.

that everything will be all right and will be well. And we will share joy and happiness together.

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