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Nancy Fordonski - May 29, 1982

Talking About Experiences

Did you every talk about your experiences?

I used to talk about it with my daughter because she was--she very much cared to know what was going on. And uh, we are a close family and we named her Sarah Rose, it is after my mother and my husband's mother. And when she was still a young girl, she cared to know what was going on in all the years. She used to ask me really questions that many times it was hard for me to answer them, because after awhile--or I got upset or I was thinking she's too young to know or maybe she shouldn't know. Or maybe when I went--was talking to her in--and meanwhile I was throwing in some words that there were pogroms in our city, that I can uh, recall it just like it would happen yesterday. And uh, so I was thinking that maybe it will be a bad influence on her that you know, she will hear how bad one human being can be to the other. But on the other hand, somehow I admired her courage that she want to know about the war, what was going on and about the whole family. Until today, she is still very anxious and very good to know. Even her children--now she is married, thank God, for seven year. Her name is Sarah Rose Ept. His name's David, very nice guy. They have four children. And all their children are named after--like Avrami. I should start with Rivka. Rivka is what I mentioned before, my older sister, is named after her. And then it's Avrami. It's the second name from my father. He had two names. One name is my son, his one, one name Shmuel and he's Avrami. And then it's Naomi, it's my younger sister what she was taken away, the first one. And then the youngest uh, my grandson is Schlomo Yakov. Schlomo is, is my, the oldest brother from my husband and by the same token his father-in-law, his, his grandfather. And he was one of the greatest men. So nowadays, if that young generation cares to name their children after you know, after your parents or after your, your sisters or brothers, I think that they deserve a lot of credit and I'm really very grateful to them. Even, I should have told them so, but, uh.

They did it.

Yeah. I feel that uh, it's very nice of them.

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