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Nancy Fordonski - May 29, 1982

Hiding (continued)


I, I cook them you know, in the skin, I always think about it. Think.

Did you have a coat? You say it was wintertime when you started. Did they have a coat? What was your clothing?

You see, the thing is that uh, we had coats. I have a coat, I had a coat, but somehow our body uh, uh, worked it uh, it got better by itself. Because I know that I had tonsils before the war. When I came out, after the war and I had my checkup, my tonsils were gone. So the doctor said that I probably had infections and the infection was eating up the tonsils. And then after the first checkup, he says to me, because he looked in my throat, he said the tonsils are gone, he looked in my ears. He says to me, "Do you know that you have a hole in your eardrum?" I said, "What?" He said, "Yes. Don't you dare ever to swim because he says probably from the infection in your throat, you got a infection in your eardrums and it builded a hole."

The question was did you have a coat, a jacket, some sort of protection.


What were, what were your clothing?

I started a whole other…

No, that's okay, that's fine. It explained something else.

In Stutthof, because we went out to work, we had a jacket. But then later when we were in Dresden and everything, it was bombed and we just ran out in uh, almost uh, just in a dress in, like I said before, we covered, I was just covered with a sheet and the sheet was on fire. And then marching. No, we just had some clothes. But not a coat, no. But then, when it was cold and we were--I was at that farmer. And that farmer's wife was nice enough to give me in the morning uh, some of her old jackets. You know, when I went with the, with the farmer on the field that I shouldn't freeze.


But this was already the end of March and uh, and the beginning of April. Because we stayed there for a few weeks. I worked there and my sister was up there in, at another farm and then the other girls. And, and this was in Carls...this was in Tepla, near Carlsbad.

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