Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nancy Fordonski - May 29, 1982

Execution of Prisoners

In the meantime, there were a few girls what didn't listen and they thought and they were trying to run away, to escape. So the following day they were brought back. But what they did to them, it was so horrible, so unbelievable. They, they uh, took them around, they put them around it next to, to a tree with a large rope. They tied them up with the rope around that tree. They whipped them with those whips 'til their blood was running. And we had to stay there and watch it. And they were saying, "If you look at this, at this what we are doing to them, we hope you won't get any idea to run away either." And that hurting them and, and this was not even enough. They shaved off their hair. And for women you know, after we were shaved it was uh, uh, in, in Auschwitz and this was already a nice few months later, we were starting be proud of ourself, ourself that we have already a little hair and that we are starting to look already a little bit like human beings. And here all of a sudden they did the same thing over again.

To all of you or just to these women who were hooked the trees?

No, they did it to them what, what uh, were trying to run away. And then they picked out another few, like uh, we mean business. If uh, if you do something wrong and if we wo...won't be able to watch you like we did before in the factory, night and days, we'll find a way that we will hurt you so badly that you won't try even to do it.

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