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Nancy Fordonski - May 29, 1982


The following is an interview with Nancy Fordonski at 25408 Concourse, Southfield, Michigan, July 29, 1982. The interviewer is Charlene Green.

You understand this interview will be used for educational and public use. Confidentiality on any part is permissible. I will be asking you questions on your pre-war background, your life during the war, your liberation and your attitudes. Do you understand this?


Would you please state your name and where you were born?

I was born in Złozew, Poland. My name is Nancy Fordonski and my ma...maiden name, Nadia Lipshitz.

Can you describe your life before the war?

I come from a family of ten children. We were eight sisters and two brothers. [pause] My parents were pretty re...were pretty good off. We had a big business, leather goods. And we had a large apartment building. My father was, was very much involved and uh, uh, different activities in the city. And he was a person that he was always eager and willing to help anybody what just reached out for something. I come from a Orthodox family. That means we highly observe the ritual, the ritual standard of living. And my mother was helping out in the business. She was one of the greatest ladies. I never heard from anybody in the city that you would ever say anything wrong about my parents. They were very loved and lovely people. Whenever it was something in our community that somebody needed a helping hand or uh, there was a poor bride, to help her out, to marry her off, my parents were always anxious and willing to help. There was always an open door in our house for everybody and anybody who walked in and asked for something.

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