Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Benjamin Fisk - November 8, 1982


Where does your sister live now?

She lives in France.

Where in France?


Where in France?

??? sixty kilometers from Paris. She lives in a village over there--small village, quiet and she works in a little town. The town is not big, you know. Small town, I don't know, maybe twenty-five, thirty thousand people.

Does she have a family?

She's got three boys and she's got a whole bunch of grandchildren, you know. The oldest--he's got--I don't know how many he's got now, probably four or five, five grandchildren from this boy and the middle one--the little one he's got, uh...

Wife: ???

We have pictures. Is that a picture of the town? Oh, that's the church. The whole town got burned down Second World War but the church stayed. It's still charred. You can see how it--smoke on it, you know, just the church in the town over there. The church was the only building left in this town--in the Second World War over there, you know. I have a whole bunch of pictures of the town over there, you know.

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