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Benjamin Fisk - November 8, 1982

Visiting Brother in Israel

Have you ever gone to Israel to visit?

Oh, yes, I went to Israel.

Your brother lives there?

Yeah, he lives in ??? He's very well off. He's better off than me. He's quite old. He's probably seventy-six years or seventy-seven years old.

Wife: He's been there since 1948. We went to America???

He's pretty well off, you know, he's got a shop over there--his own shop.

Wife: He has two homes.

He rents it out. People came from Russia, you know, they work over there. They pay him to use his shop in ???. He's sitting in like uh, how you call it here? Like a builder shops or a factories or something. How you call it? I forgot already. You know, like a section, you know, where they des...designate--my brother's sitting smack in the middle. There's one factory where they make the paper, you know, it belongs to an American Jew and my brother's sitting smack in the middle of it. Twenty years ago he would've pay $25,000 and now it's probably worth a half million, you know. He got the right away to drive in and out, you know, now he's sitting smack in the middle--an industrial park. And my brother's sitting smack in the middle of it and the whole thing belongs to the Americans.

Wife: ???

He hadn't had only more than one daughter, you know. He got married after the war.

Wife: ??? [interruption in interview]

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