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Benjamin Fisk - November 8, 1982

Being Taken to Sachenhoym

What happened to your sister when you left when you came to uh, Sachenhoym was she still with your brother then?

Yeah, my sister was still home, yeah. I didn't--I did not know ??? later when I got the news when I worked with the Polish guy, you know, he would wait he went home I told him that ??? He didn't live far from the factory, you know, so he waited, you know, he got a hold of my brother, you know, he send me some money, you know. He couldn't send food or nothing but he send me a few, a few uh, German mark. You could always buy something, you know.

How're you taking...

And then I used to help myself. I worked with the English prisoners, you know, in the lumberyard. I worked in the factory they were working in the lumberyard. I used to make boxes, you know, little boxes, you know, the uh, you put shaving stuff it in. Used to get a little box, fill it make it really beautiful, you know, with ??? inside and stuff, you know. They used to give us chocolate, you know, and I used to take it into camp for the sick people it helped and stuff, you know. The English they had a lot of stuff, you know, they would get stuff from the Red Cross, you know. And we were ??? it helped a lot in the camp, you know, ??? I used to give stuff to the sick people, there were a lot of sick people.

How were you taken to Sachenhoym? Were you taken by truck or by train?

No, we went by train. Yeah, we went by train yeah. There were Russian--prisoners, you know, on it and they tried to get away. They were shooting them on the train--shooting them you know. And they were already puffed up, you know, we were staying in good shape, you know, but the Russians they were not they did not--probably didn't eat for a long time. They were all swollen, you know, you could put a finger in their, you know, their legs, their faces, their hands--everybody was swollen up already, you know.

How long did it take you to get to Sachenhoym by train?

Uh it wasn't too far you know, maybe a half a day or so. I don't remember exactly, it was a long time ago.

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