Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Benjamin Fisk - November 8, 1982

Working at IG Farben

Okay, now when you went to IG Farben to ??? um, did you work in the, in the factory there?

Not in the factory, we had a camp you know we had a camp, you know...

Wife: Barracks.

Barracks, you know. It was ??? it was no concentration camp, we were still there in our own clothes you know . You could still ??? you could still wear a jacket and a pair of pants, you know, on the job but later when we left ??? we went to Auschwitz--not to Auschwitz to Blechhammer. Blechhammer was a concentration camp. Then they took all of our clothes away and everything, you know, and they gave us you know the stripes. It was uh, I believe you couldn't do much--you didn't have much left. But I still took some money--even then I had an idea. I knew what was coming you know. You know what I did? I took a nail, I ripped my hand here, you know, I figured if I'm going to put a band-aid on it beside a mark on it, you know, they going to look for it. I had fifty, fifty ??? left, you know. I took and made a box, you know, I built at the camp--I put 500 ??? in the rock inside, you know. My sister-in-law gave me, you know, my brother's wife said, "You might need it." When I went to work they took everything away. When I went to work as a carpenter in camp, I got a hold of it, see, and I took my money out of it. The first thing ??? I gotta have something from the, you know, where you keep the luggage I said I need some ???. He said, "Okay, here is the key," so I went, you know. So, first thing that I did, I took the money out, see, and I used some of it, you know, when I was in camp and later I still had some money left. I took a, a large piece of band-aid, you know, ??? and they took you naked, they look behind you, in your mouth, you know, all over, you know, but he see it ???, you know, he looked at it, but he let me back, you know, yeah.

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