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Benjamin Fisk - November 8, 1982

Moses Merin and the Judenrat

Do you remember hearing anything about a man named Moses Merin?


Do you remember a Moses Merin? Hearing anything about him...

Yes, he lived, he lived next door to my brother before the war. He ended up in Israel. Man, he was the big shot over there from the Jewish council, sure. Yeah, I remember him--I can see it right here little bit ago.

Can you tell me something about him?

I don't know too much about him. [interruption in interview]

Okay, now Moses Merin did belong to the Judenrat there?

Mm-hm, yeah.

??? Judenrat...

I remember him. I never talk to the guy, you know, he was quite a bit older than me. But my--he lived next door to my, to my, to my brother, you know, he lived next door to my brother, the one in Israel, in the same apartment building, you know.

Okay, um...

Matter of fact I went see my brother at the concentration camp. The Germans caught him, you know, so his wife came over was hiding out in our attic, you know, it was ??? she had a ??? of the building with me and my sister ??? Every time we had to go up we had to use a ladder, you know.

Wife: ???

We had to use a ladder, you know, to go up and down. When we went up we took the ladder up with us, when we went down we had to put the ladder down, you know, to get up and down. So she came over, she knew where we were and she told me, you know, that they caught her husband, my brother, you know, they're gonna send him away and I said, "Okay, I'll come down there." I made myself--she had a little shop or a little shed. I made myself a box, you know, to put my clothes in. And uh, I went over and they let my brother go. He was on the ??? of the concentration camp and I was three years in, over three years.

Wife: Would you like a cup of coffee?


Wife: Let's take a break. [interruption in interview]

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