Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Joshua Fishman - July 13, 1982


Is there anything else you'd like to add on the tape before we draw a close to this?

The only thing I have to add is uh, not from my experience, but uh, a less...the lesson of such experience. That uh, excuse me, that uh, we Jewish people should not, not only not forget but should tell our children this should, should go from generation to generation. They should know that uh, our--many members of our Jewish people were killed for nothing--were murdered for nothing. Also, we should, we should all know that Israel is our country and that's the only place where we could defend ourselves. No other place is a haven for Jewish people forever. It could happen anywhere. You hear it on WXYZ here so many people call up on the program, "We hear the ??? is coming out with them."

Wife: You listen sometimes?

No, I'm usually working at that time.

Our government could change and diff...and some cou...and some, some, some governments, some government, some government change could--it could be such a change which I don't want to think about what could happen to the Jewish people, any place. Even in this country. I hope not, I hope not, but it's too obvious this ??? from the Nazis, the calls that you hear on the radio.

Are you, are you a citizen of the United States?


Are you a citizen?


Wife: Yeah, of course.

What, what am I a citizen?

Wife: A citizen.

Yeah, yeah.

Wife: Yeah.

I was just curious if you took the citizenship test.

Well, maybe if I would talk this way to the immigration officer I wouldn't, wouldn't--they wouldn't have given me citizenship.

No, that's not what I mean.

Wife: Ah, you can talk. I mean you cannot ???

No, no, I wouldn't be granted citizenship.

Wife: Oh, well then, yeah.

Well, thank you Mr. Fishman. I appreciate your time.

No, you don't have to thank me. This is my duty to, to leave behind after I'll be gone so people will know what happened.

I thank you for your time. 1

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