Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Charlotte Firestone - March 11, 1982


What did your family think about Czechoslovakia?

They liked it.

Was your father...

Because demo...democracy there.

Was your father political at all? Did he know what...

Oh. He was a bright man and he knew what's going on.

Did he like Benes? Do you remember Benes?

Yeah. But first was Masaryk and then was Benes--Benes was his vice-president. Vice- president and Masaryk was the president. After the war, it was Benes. Before the war it was Masaryk.

After World War I.

Second war.

Second World War.

After the second war, it was Benes, the president.

Um, did anybody ever talk about politics in your house? Discuss what was going on?

Not between them. Really not--men, between them.

Did anybody ever talk about Israel, going to Israel?


Were there Zionists in the city?

Oh yeah. They had the Mizrachi. They had the Trumpeldor My father belonged to the Mizrachi. It was a religious organization. And uh, we kids went to the Trumpeldor.

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