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Charlotte Firestone - March 11, 1982

The Munkascer Rebbe

Was there a rebbe there?

Oh, the Munkascer Rebbe Shrpa.

What was his name?


Spiro? S-P...do you recall?

S--S-h-r-p-a, I think I would spell it.

Did you ever see him?

Oh, yeah, we went there.

What kinds of things did he do?

Very religious. Very--he had a only daughter, I remember the wedding, the whole city, was there. It was a real Hasid wedding. I never seen a wedding since then.

Did people come to see him from different towns?

From different towns, oh yeah. In fact, literally you know, with uh, in the morning and that's how you went. First you went to the gabbai and then go to the kvittel--it was a note you know what, what you request this, what you want and then you went into him and he was bentshing, he was wishing you, you know, everything is going to be all right. In fact, people believed in him, like uh, God.

Did you or your, or your brothers or sisters...

My brother went.

Your brothers?

My brother went there. They had a big Yeshiva, too. My brother went there and Saturday uh, night, they used to go there, to Shulos Siddus. Men, not women...

Um, so...

...he died before the war.

The rabbi?

The Rabbi died and the son-in-law took over.

But he became the Munkascer Rebbe?


Um, do you know what happened to him?

Munkascer Rebbe went away before uh, nineteen, nineteen-forty...1942, maybe, he moved to Israel.

So he survived.

He survived, yeah. He had I think four or five children. All sons.

And they all went with him, of course.

Of course, yeah.

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