Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Charlotte Firestone - March 11, 1982


And this was the same pot around...

The same. This was a big pot. And before somebody could take it to their mouth, they were already grabbing it.

Was it like soup?

It was a soup, Yeah.

With sand in it.

You know, it was full of sand and then they were drinking it. Becau...you know, between the teeth, you could feel the sand, the dirt and we were fighting over it and I remember that we went to the washroom in the morning it chilled the--and I don't know if it was before Appell or after, we went to the washroom--my sister and I--it was cold, early in the morning. They took us, took off, you know, half-way that, that dress and the ice cold water, we washed ourself and I had that little soap and we were sharing it. It was so precious, that little soap and we washed ourself and from our city, there was a woman doctor. She was a child specialist. She took care of children and she said, "You two are going to survive." Because most of the women were just washing their eyes, you know. Just then, the water was so cold, like ice, but we washed ourself. We didn't have a towel to dry ourself. Just put back that same dirty dress. She said, "You two are going to survive." She knew us from Munkacs. And uh, we were there in Auschwitz three or four weeks, I don't remember exactly. Sometimes, they took us out to work and sometime, most of the time, we were just sitting there on the koja, like that, you know, our feet up and like that and uh...

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