Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Miriam Monczyk-Laczkowska Ferber - December 7, 1999


How did Fred feel? I suppose I should ask Fred. How did Fred feel coming into it...

Oh, he, he took, you know, he was, he was very, he's very personable. You know, Freddy's very personable. And he wanted to make sure that they liked him. And uh, they did love him very much. And then there was a wedding. [laughs] There was a wedding that I was--it was a wedding that I was um, I was standing next to the bride. I was the bride, but I was really.

You were watching.

I was watching. I did not know what was happening, really. I was, like, in, in a trance. But I think we will talk about it some other time.

You looked beautiful in the wedding.

I was--there is a song that, like, you, you know, you, you are the bride, but you're really outside of, of the bride and you're just looking at it. We will talk some other time about it.

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