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Miriam Monczyk-Laczkowska Ferber - December 7, 1999


What's it called in Poland? It's not called high school, is it?

Yeah, Lyceum, Lyceum.

Lyceum, yeah.

Lyceum Bołesława Prusa which was also a big author. Now there was a Polish movie and you know, it was a...

It was Lycea, Lyce.

Lyceum, Lyceum.

Lyceum, what was the name again?

It was a high school...

Yeah, but what was...

exactly a high school.

What was the name?

Lyceum Bołesława Prusa.

Bołesława Prusa. He's a poet, is that what you said?

No, he's a wri...yeah, he is a writer. He was a writer, very wonderful, big Sienkiewicz and Prusa.


Sienkiewicz was one and Bołesława Prusa was another one.

And once you finished lyceum you would go, presumably go on to the University, or would.


That would be the next level?

Yes, yes.

There's no gymnasium...


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