Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Ferber - September 11 & 25, 2001


Are they survivors?

There are some survivors, yes eh, some survivors.

You became friends with a circle of survivors, I know.

Yes. Well, you know, we all became very, very friendly. Eh, life was good, even though most of my friends had every night free, eh. I, if I had Sundays free, I eh, Sunday nights, I was lucky. We did go swimming here to all these different places eh, on Sundays. For me it was very hard to get away because of the tremendous amount of homework that I had to, to do. And I was serious about it, eh. So I couldn't meet with all my friends all the time. Same thing in Germany, by the way. Everybody had free time, played soccer all day long, you know. Eh, I, I, I, I didn't have that eh, I couldn't do that.

How did you meet some of these people?

We met each other extremely fast. We went to the Jewish Center on, on Woodward there was a Jewish Center and eh, eh, we met over there different occasions. There were dances. There were als...eh, quite often, which I attended, there were the dances eh, in Temple Israel which a lot of our people attended. Um, we were young, life was beautiful you know. As hard as it was eh, eh, at that time because of the tremendous amount of hours that I had to put in school and, and, eh...

Did you have nightmares?

Not as much as others. Not as much as others. Not as much as--I tell you uh, I was so, for twenty, thirty years--I stated it before--I was so, my, my skin was so thick at that time eh, in my mind. I wouldn't, nothing horrible could get close to me, you know, or affect me. I was eh, eh, not really in denial, I cannot say that now, because I never denied what happened, eh.

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