Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Fred Ferber - September 11 & 25, 2001


So you're back in Detroit and who was, who were your relatives here at that time?

My uncle, who came with my mother and his wife.

So who was here?

That's all, that's it. Nobody else.

But didn't they come because they had family here?

My uncle's wife had family here.


My uncle's wife, Herman's wife.

The other one.

It's not Aunt ???. Herman Ferber was my mother's brother.


Herman Ferber was my mother's brother. You see, my, my eh, eh, let, let me, let me say that my mother's name before she got married was Ferber also. And my father's name was Ferber. They were far, far, far away ca--, relatives, far away relatives. So her name was Ferber before she got married and after she got married. That's why Herman Ferber was her brother. And eh, still, it's still the same name as Ferber. The, the problem was that his wife was not a nice person. Not then and not next, and not for the next twenty, thirty years, forty. Not, not that she was not nice to me or to my mother, not to anyone. Eh, she doesn't live anymore right now, I wouldn't want to talk about her.

Was she also a survivor?

She was a survivor, and eh, she was a disappointment to everyone who met her. Even before she came to this country. My uncle eh, before he came to the country, he spent plenty of time crying, but yet he got used to her whatever reason, okay. So, anyhow, my mother had a lot of problems eh, because she was really alone, you know. She wouldn't allow him to go to my mother. She, she was eh, she, she was not a nice person eh, in a, in a, in a great number of ways. I'd rather leave this alone. So really, I had my uncle here.

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