Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lily Fenster - November 8 & 10, 1994


You, you were liberated in the Łuków?

Yes, I was liberated in Łuków and then I, that lady that helped me you know, recognized me because I was Jewish. She didn't know and we ran away from Łuków to Łódź. Farshtayst? I was pregnant there with Sonja already, because I was young and I mean didn't take that was for me. Oh, we're gonna' travel. We're going to schlep, so we went to Łódź. We lived in Łódź ??? 31, I think, right on the corner of uh, that time that I went to that wedding, I told you, when the husband came from the toit tzurik. Remember, but I don't know if you really remember.

Yeah, I remember.

Mr. Holocaust. You probably ??? and we went to Łódź and they really smuggled. He wanted to bring a shepsaleh, a kelbaleh--that's the way ??? and you know, an honest way and so we want to make a living, save a couple dollars for us, so uh, we lived in Łódź for a short time. They still were killing Jews. On the train you couldn't know, because the Kielce business, you know Kielce when they killed. They took off a lot people from the trains and they shot them. That was the Armia Krajowa, the AK. That's what. So we said, you know what, let's try to go to Germany. So, we tried to go to Germany and to Germany you needed a paper that you are German, so you know, the Jews, they give themself an aytseh. They go and say give me a piece of paper, loz zein fun in Germany. What can you do. You're fighting for survival. So we crossed first on a train. They shot the train, I remember. They threw stones. We went through that. Then we were in a camp. They cleaned you up and they gave you a piece of bread with jam I remember, rations and they send us further. 'Til we wind up in--no, but we smuggled out us out was on a boat to--on the water and a little bit of junk a Goy you give him money and he takes you across, you know. It, it was Germany, I think. It was Breslau I don't remember exactly the names. You forgive me for it. So, the boat, almost caved over and for six or seven people, it was me and Dave and my friend from Colorado and a old lady from Vilna--oy gevald what I, what I recall now, you wouldn't believe it.

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