Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lily Fenster - November 8 & 10, 1994


They found out?

They found out.

Who found out, the Poles?

I don't know, I was asking the next neighbor ???. She says, "What's the matter?" ???, I think it was his name ??? I think so. I don't remember exactly. She says, "Didn't you know he was Jewish?" I say, "What?" "Yeah, he was Jewish." You had to pretend you know, for that they killed him. And then another lady I met, she survived. Every Sunday when I was in the city already, we use to go to church, twelve o'clock they called it. There was ??? they called it. I speak very good Polish. That survived me. She looked at me. She came from one direction, I came. She was a tall--Wanda was her name I think, tall, also blonde. She looked at me, I looked away. She felt something, but she was in a town that they knew she was Jewish. But she was a wealthy girl, also from Warsaw and the parents gave money they should hold her. After the war, we see each other. I say, "I felt something about you." I say, "I felt about you too." Yet we never got together 'til uh, 'til the Russian liberated us, after awhile. She falls in love with a "Sasha", a Russian uh, soldier, a captain or something and he uh, he was a deserter, a runaway from the army, didn't want to be ??? they got married and I don't know where they are. That was an incident--you know sometimes you feel something, I looked at her, she looked at me, because we always walked in together and we sort of think and there was ???.

You did all that, you walked into the church...


...you got on your on your knee and crossed yourself?

On my knee and crossed myself and I start singing. One thing else, every summer you go with a procession--how do you say it? Procesja...


...and I was, you know holding the ??? Once I walked to Chenstochov to see Maria and she walked, her eyes, that was a ??? it's a Polish word that you go to see the Holy Mary, so I walked with a group of people, we walked and walked, we had horses.

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