Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lily Fenster - November 8 & 10, 1994

News of War

Was there any war news that you got?

No, I was sheltered completely. There was no newspaper, nothing. When I went to the City, I just see ??? I don't know how to put it. The fight was the, the, the Germans was success--succeed. I didn't know that they were in Africa, I didn't know that they went to the--to Middle East or whatever. I just thought they were in Poland and Russia. We weren't informed of nothing sweetie.

But at some point you saw German soldiers coming back?

Oh, that, that, that was to the end. That was, that--hundreds and hundreds without boots because the Russian got a hold of them, they took off the boots and they say a bad word about them. "You German, you German, you good for nothing and I've seen them bleeding also and they walk like that back. You know, that the feet they use to be such, such big--the whole world they would consume, Hitler would eat up everybody and there they go you know, Russia...

[interruption in interview]

...controlled everything, they didn't want to know, they just said it's the best, it's the best. And if you're in poverty, you didn't mind about the reading something, you just want to eat and have a warm place to sleep. That's about it.

You were living on the farm when this, when this happened, when you started to march back.

No, I was in the city--it was in the city and I had my Kennkarte and I was already a Polish person there and I was--that time I was working already in the hospital, no. I was in the city already working, by that person, by that person and then the best place I had was in the hospital. That was sort of my secure place.

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