Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lily Fenster - November 8 & 10, 1994

Knowledge of Family

Did, did you, when you were in Łuków--when you were on the farm, did you ever think of trying to get in touch again with your parents? Did you think about what was happening there?

When--before it was Judenrein, I took my mother out from the ghetto. My all sisters died and my father went ...

All four sisters died?

They all died. They all died and I kept in contact because I saved up a little bit money while I was farming and I made a big bread, I went to a baker, because some people gave me like corn or potatoes, so I could sell it and have a couple dollars. So I saved up 350 złotys. My dream was to take my mother our from the ghetto, mit my father. But my father start thinking about underground. I didn't understand what effect, he died in the underground, he was fighting for the ghetto. I mean--I don't know which year it was, I don't remember, because I met a man, I don't know if he's alive and we were talking, so you know, you start talking, you say, "Where are you from?" I say "From Warsaw," so he said, "Warsaw--with such terrible things,' I say, 'I know I was there for a year from '39 to forty-one and a half and maybe '42," I don't remember the dates exactly. It's normal, you know. And he says, "I was with a guy in the underground, in the ghetto and they took the water away from them." At that time, they killed each other or they kill them, they just knew they were under, in the sewers. There was no water. And at that time, I think my father died.

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